Who Are You?

Who am I? 

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

If so, you're not alone. There are many people who question not only their identity, but their existence. When I start to question who I am that let's me know something has taken place in my life with or without my permission. 

Something has caused me to lose sight of who I am. This is either a good place to be or a dangerous place to be.

Why good?

Because this means an introspection is taking place. I am taking inventory of me. Introspection has to come before growth. How can one change something that they are unaware of?

Now, by no means am I saying that the only reason introspection may be taking place in your life is because you're having an identity crisis. I encourage everyone to take constant evaluation of themselves. 

Are you happy with your life? Are you content with where you are? Are there things about yourself that you would like to change? Is there an area of your life or people in your life that you need to let go of? 

Taking inventory is healthy. It keeps you balanced and connected with yourself and your desires. And trust me wanting to change something about yourself does not automatically mean you don't like you, you're unhappy or you have low self esteem. It means that you know there's more, that there's better and you want that for yourself.

Ain't nothing wrong with it. *snap snap*

Back to why questioning your identity can be a dangerous place. When you find yourself in this place and it's not from a growth stand point that means you've let outside factors define who you are and somewhere down the road that got disrupted.

This means you're looking for something else to attach yourself to in order to define who you are.

It could be a relationship, a job, even an addiction.


And the issue that I have with that is that you're giving your power away. You're giving your life away. Your letting someone or something define who you are and who you can be. They can tell you who to be and you'll believe it without a second thought. They can plant seeds of negativity and you let it take root to the point that you think you'll never be enough, that who you are now is who you'll always be and that there is nothing more for you.

But that's not true. 

You are not your darkness, your past, your mistakes or your pain. 

You are more. You can be more. You can do great things. In fact, I believe we are all here to do something amazing. What that looks like will be different for each of us, but it's possible for all of us. 

You are light.

You are powerful.

You are resilient.

You are needed and valued.

You are a perfectly crafted being who is insanely gifted and wildly beautiful.

And I can't wait for you to come into the fullness of your being. The realization that you are phenomenal and there is not one person on this earth like you.

Stop depriving us of your greatness.

Take back your power, your control.

Root yourself in your Creator and let Him help you understand, accept and live who you are.

I can't wait for you to BE. 

Until then...




P.S.: Remember HAPPINESS is a decision. Everyday you wakeup you have to decide what kind of day you have and let nothing get in the way of that.